Warm Air Heating
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Warm Air Heating

Warm Air Central HeatingAlthough most properties in the UK are heated using a boiler and radiators there are still many houses that use warm air central heating. Warm Air Units are similar to air conditioning units in the way that they blow air around ductwork and out through grilles or vents throughout the house.

The air is normally heated by way of a gas burner and is controlled by a room thermostat and a time switch.


Routine Servicing

It is important that all warm air units are serviced every year, even more so than a normal heating boiler. Because the air is blown around the system by a large fan unit, there is often a large build up of dust and debris throughout the unit. By cleaning the unit properly and by ensuring that the pressures are correct you are really able to see the difference in performance from before we service a unit to after. A service on a warm air unit will take over an hour not like some heating companies 20 minutes

We can service your unit from just £80 including VAT.


Repairs / Emergency Breakdown

If your warm air unit stops working you will probably find that most companies will not want to work on it. If this is the case then give us a call! Our engineers are fully qualified in warm air units. We can attend to your broken warm air unit and rectify your warm air faults.



If your warm air unit has reached the end of its life then we can offer you all of the advice and expertise that you require.

We can offer you a completely free of charge survey and quotation for your replacement warm air unit.


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