Energy Saving Services
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Energy Saving Services

energy efficientSave money. Go Energy Efficient. Go A rated.

All A rated boilers are condensing and can save you up to 30% on your gas bills.
Energy efficient appliances save you money by using less energy to do the same job as your regular appliances. They are highly recommended as a great investment. Call Ignite Gas for free advice, we are here to help.

Energy Saving Tips

Add TRV’s to your radiators – TRV’s (Thermostatic radiator valves) enable you to control the temperature of each radiator individually, ensuring you only have each radiator as warm as you need it.

Bleed Radiators – From time to time, ‘Bleed’ your radiators to ensure maximum output – Don’t forget, turn your heating OFF first.

Turn your Thermostat Down – Turning your thermostat down just 1°C could save as much as £100 a year.

Take Control – Use your controls to put your heating and hot water on only when you need it, you could set it to come on just before you get home from work?

If your central heating system does not have independent control of heating and hot water, these can easily be added to your system by Ignite Gas.

Hot Water – Your water needn’t be heated to too high a temperature. Your hot water cylinder thermostat should be set at only 65°C or 140°F. Any higher is a waste of energy; any lower and there may be risks of legionella bacteria forming.

Think you’re Energy Efficient?

You’re not energy efficient if your boiler isn’t serviced properly with an analyser (see boiler services). If your boiler hasn’t been serviced in the last 12 months, call  Ignite Gas for a boiler service today on 07861 388820


A friendly solution for all your plumbing & heating needs. 

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