Gas Fires
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Gas Fires

Gas FireThe gas fire has been around for many years but have required a flue or venting so have been fitted in to existing fireplaces or fitted with a fan to vent noxious fumes. Today the choice of gas fire is endless but there has been a demand for a gas fire that wouldn’t require a flue.

The flueless fire also known as the catalytic flueless fire has been around for some time. They incorporate modern technology which passes the fumes through a catalytic converter which in turn converts the harmful gasses in to water vapour and carbon dioxide.

This means that the flueless fire is not only 100% efficient but has low running costs.

These superb fires can now be installed almost anywhere as long as there is a gas supply and the room has suitable ventilation. Fires are available as freestanding, inset or wall hung so there is a fire to meet any requirement.

All manufactures recommend that your fire should be serviced once a year.Our gas safe qualified engineers perform very thorough services on all types of fire. We take pride in our work and perform each service to the highest standard. Not only will the fire benefit from being cleaned during the service, it will give you added peace of mine knowing it is safe. All Fires benefit from a service whether they are old Fires with pilot lights to more recent Fanned Flued.

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